What’s Great and Challenging about Being a “Tween?”

This month I talked to “tweens” and their parents about the joys and challenges of pre-adolescence. Here’s a summary of what they said: WHAT DO YOU LOVE ABOUT THIS AGE? PARENTS It’s great to watch
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Children sometimes lie to avoid punishment for something they have done. When this is the case a frustrated or angry response from mom or dad can aggravate the problem. Finding a way to respond empathically
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Here are a few things to remember when and if your child has a meltdown. 1. Most children have meltdowns, not just yours. 2. Meltdowns usually spring from multiple causes that have built up over
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Some Ideas to Help the Transition to School Go Well

The transition from summer to school can be challenging for parents and children. Here are a few things to keep in mind that can help: 1. Try to be especially organized the first few weeks,
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Helping a Lonely Teen

As seen in Brooklyn Family Magazine and on NY Parenting.com Dear Sharon, Is there a particular time in a boy’s life when he should be developing social skills and friendships? Our 13 year old is
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Enjoying Your Summer Part 1

When making summer plans make sure to incorporate multiple activities that children will enjoy. Sometimes an ideallic adult vacation (visitng friends, exploring beatufiul places) can backfire if children become overwhelmed, overtired or bored.

Handling August

The heat, potential boredom and lack of childcare at the end of summer can make the last few weeks of August challenging for parents. I suggest that you consider taking a break from traditional routines
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Handling Power Battles at Home

It can be effective to find a way to disengage from an unnecessarily complicated and tense “power battle” with a child – getting involved in a lengthy “back and forth” is often unproductive.

One Idea for a Family Meeting

When children have the opportunity to contribute an “agenda item” in a family meeting it can help them listen to their parents’ ideas.

My Youngest Daughter is Hitting Her Sister!

as seen in Brooklyn Family Magazine and on NYParenting.com Dear Sharon, My daughters are five and two. The older one is old enough to know that it’s not OK to hit. How do we deal
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