New Year’s Resolution – Be Proud of Yourself

Our children will feel more confident if we take some time to feel good about ourselves. It is important to praise our children often. I suggest that each time you do think of one way
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Taking Time to Offer Handmade Gifts

With so much going on at this time of year it can be difficult to juggle all that needs to be done. However if you have the time and space it can be nice for
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What do you love and find hard about the holidays at this time of year?

This month I talked to parents and children about the December holidays. Here is what they said: WHAT DO YOU LOVE ABOUT THE HOLIDAYS? PARENTS The time spent with family and friends, nothing is more
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Finding Ways to Host at the Holidays

Welcoming family and friends to your home during the holidays can be rewarding for everyone but it is important to avoid stretching yourself thin; bringing more tension than joy. It can help to invite people
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Preparing Children for Disappointment at the Holidays

With pocketbooks stretched and wish lists that include items that are not acceptable to parents it helps to tell children before presents are opened that they will not be getting the much desired ______ this
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My Son’s Favorite Childhood Memory

I once asked one of my adult son’s to tell me his favorite memory from childhood. After thinking for a few minutes he said, “The time we were on a lake in Vermont. I was
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Can Long Trips Go Well?

Family travel with one or more children can be frustrating as boredom and confined spaces easily fray everyone’s nerves. Interactive games that parents and children play can sometimes help pass the time more easily.

Holiday Rituals

Holiday rituals can involve a lot of work but can provide opportunities for families to express their care and spend quality time together. Such occasions can be important to children and parents.

To Buy or Not to Buy – Holidays.

If you are a parent trying to figure out what presents to buy for your children during this busy holiday season, you are definitely not alone. Countless parents are trying to handle the pressure to
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Beach Story (Using Time off to Reduce Tension at Home)

Beach Story (Using Time off to Reduce Tension at Home) The parents of two young daughters were concerned about their eldest, 6 year old “Tamara”. She was refusing to do anything they asked and spent
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