Young Teen Keeps Mom from gyn Visit

Dear Sharon, My daughter has just turned 14. She wants me to make an appointment for her to see a gynecologist and I am very upset. She also wants to go alone. What should I
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Tweens and Household Chores

Dear Sharon, Our 12-year-old daughter is being asked to do a few household chores to help out. Nothing major, but small chores that we want her to do on a regular basis to help her
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Helping Children Communicate

When my oldest son was a teenager he would come home from school in a sulky and uncommunicative mood. He would usually make a hamburger when he first walked in the door. If I said
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Building a Child’s Confidence through Competitive Play

Ping pong with my Dad My Dad was a gifted athlete who could play any sport well. When I was a teen he noticed that I was having a hard time. Even though I was
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Girls, Moms and Appearance

Dear Sharon, I am a woman who looks my age…I’m in my late 40’s. In my youth they called a woman who looked like me “matronly”. With the contemporary emphasis on youth and staying slim
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Dear Sharon, Do you have any advice for dealing with bullies? Our son is being taunted and haunted by a group of “thugs” in his 5th grade. Do we get involved? Do we talk to
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Overweight Snacking Teen

Dear Sharon, My 12 year old daughter is overweight and I don’t know what to do. No one in our family has ever been overweight. I try to get her to eat less and different
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Talking to Your Children about the Economy

Dear Sharon, Do you have suggestions on how to handle talking to your children about the economy, when they ask for things you can’t provide? I have a 7, 10 and 12 year old and
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Sibling Rivalry

Dear Sharon, Give me some advice please as to how to deal with brothers who are constantly fighting with each other. One is 10 and the other is 8 and they are always fighting. It
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Leaving Siblings Home Alone

My son is 11 and he is pretty certain that he is old enough to chaperone his 9-year-old brother when we go out for an evening. He thinks he’s ready to handle personal responsibility and we’re not agreeing. Many of his friends are in fact being left alone for some reasons, and he complains that we treat him like a baby. What do you think? How does a parent determine these things? He’s ticked off at having a “baby sitter”.
Dear Parent,

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