Children sometimes lie to avoid punishment for something they have done. When this is the case a frustrated or angry response from mom or dad can aggravate the problem. Finding a way to respond empathically
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Here are a few things to remember when and if your child has a meltdown. 1. Most children have meltdowns, not just yours. 2. Meltdowns usually spring from multiple causes that have built up over
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Handling Power Battles at Home

It can be effective to find a way to disengage from an unnecessarily complicated and tense “power battle” with a child – getting involved in a lengthy “back and forth” is often unproductive.

My Youngest Daughter is Hitting Her Sister!

as seen in Brooklyn Family Magazine and on Dear Sharon, My daughters are five and two. The older one is old enough to know that it’s not OK to hit. How do we deal
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Toilet Training a Three Year Old

as seen in Brooklyn Family Magazine and on Dear Sharon, We have a 3 1/2 year old and are having some difficulty getting him to toilet train. Do you have any words of wisdom?
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Setting Limits on Technology

While setting limits on “screen-time” for our children – to increase personal interactions and physical activity – it is helpful to set limits on ourselves as well. Having daily technology free time for everyone (cell
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When Children Hit

Many children go through periods of hitting. Hitting is often a sign that a little one is juggling more than they can handle even when a parent doesn’t know what is upsetting their child.

How Much After School is Wise for a 10 Year-Old?

as seen in Brooklyn Family Magazine and on Dear Sharon, In thinking about after school activities for this school year, my husband and I were wondering if there’s a limit for our 10-year-old son.
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One Step at a Time

When resolving a family challenge it is often true that gradual steps in the right direction bring about long term permanent improvement. Most of us want quick and complete changes but slow and steady often
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Saying no!

To be seen on “A Child Grows in Brooklyn” Saying no to a child isn’t always easy. Here are a few things to keep in mind that often help. (Fair warning just because these ideas
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