Parents Need Sleep

Parents rarely get enough sleep but a tired mom or dad is often a less loving and effective one. As hard as it may be to sort through, it is important for parents to get
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4 Ideas that Can Help Establish Smooth Bedtime Routines

Getting children to bed in a timely way can be a challenge. Here are four ideas that can help.

Help, My 10 Year Old Won’t Sleep Alone

as seen in Brooklyn Family Magazine and on Dear Sharon, Our 10 year old is having trouble going to sleep alone in his room. What should we do? He comes into our bed a
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Sleep for Mom and Dad

A comment from a mother of two young boys. “I never have a “normal” week. Sometimes I feel like a half charged cell phone, I run out of my charge in the afternoon and have
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Should Our Child Sleep with Our Dog?

Dear Sharon, Our five-year-old son sleeps with our dog every night (a loving and tender Irish Setter). We’re concerned that he is too dependent on him for company and will not be able to sleep
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Hi Sharon, Do you have any tips for how I can get my kids to go to bed at a reasonable time? They’re 9 and 11, and often they stay up later than me. I
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Sleep Routines

Hi Sharon, Do you have any recommendations for parents who are having problems keeping the kids in their own beds at night? Our daughter is constantly coming into our bed in the middle of the
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