What’s Great and Challenging about Being a “Tween?”

This month I talked to “tweens” and their parents about the joys and challenges of pre-adolescence. Here’s a summary of what they said: WHAT DO YOU LOVE ABOUT THIS AGE? PARENTS It’s great to watch
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Helping a Lonely Teen

As seen in Brooklyn Family Magazine and on NY Parenting.com Dear Sharon, Is there a particular time in a boy’s life when he should be developing social skills and friendships? Our 13 year old is
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Handling Power Battles at Home

It can be effective to find a way to disengage from an unnecessarily complicated and tense “power battle” with a child – getting involved in a lengthy “back and forth” is often unproductive.

My Special Needs 13 Year Old Might Start Dating!

As seen in New York Special Child Magazine and on NYParenting.com Dear Sharon, We have a adolescent daughter whose special needs have placed her in special ed schools since she was a youngster. She is
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Teenagers Benefit from Time with Mom and Dad

Even though teens are busy they are more able to sort through the many challenges in their lives if mom and dad can regularly set aside chunks of relaxed, loving time with them.

It’s Working

A parents of tweens group I lead had been discussing common concerns of middle school moms and dads; juggling the demands of school work and home life and handling the emotional ups and downs of
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Loving an Angry Teen

Nelly was a single mom who had been through many transitions with her two boys. A few years ago a challenging and unexpected divorce had been difficult for everyone and although she was happy to
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Tween Asks for “Mom Time”

Yvette was in 7th grade and an independent 12 year old daughter of a single mom, Marianne, who worked full time. They had been through a lot together over the years and had flourished. Yvette
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Helping a Teen Through a Big Transition

as seen in in Brooklyn Family Magazine and on NY Parenting.com Dear Sharon, My husband and I have recently separated. Our children are of varied ages and the young ones are dealing with it well.
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Helping an Angry Tween

Laura was 11, her younger brother, Aaron, was 8. Her family was going through a challenging economic period and there was plenty of stress at home. Laura, like many oldest siblings, was particularly affected by
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