Cruise to Graduation

This story is a testament to the power of parent child relationships.

S. was a single Mom of a high school senior. A widow, she had been living alone with her son for many years.

S. was a serious and disciplined woman who worked hard in her full time job. Her son, T. was a carefree, talented baseball player who frequently neglected his schoolwork. Their personalities were different but they had done well together.

T’s senior year of high school was riddled with falling grades and inadequate homework. His graduation and entry into a college that was offering him a sizeable baseball scholarship was in jeopardy.

As S. tried to encourage, goad and help “T. “get his act together” tensions in the house grew. By mid year they were barely talking, both frustrated by each other’s unsuccessful attempts to help T. move on to the next stage of his life.

At some point S. decided to try asking her son what he wanted for graduation. As T. got furious whenever she “entered his space” S. was surprised to hear that he wanted a one-week cruise with her. They had never been on a cruise and hadn’t had a vacation together for a long time.

S. very tentatively booked two tickets, buying travelers insurance as well.

The mood at home stayed tense but surprisingly T. started doing his work.

A few months later a proud Mom watched her son receive his diploma and started absorbing what life would be like with her boy away at school.

Sometimes the promise of spending relaxed time with Mom or Dad is a priceless reward.

They had a great time together on the cruise!