Can Mornings Ever Go Well? – “Shaking the Yukkies Out”

A Mom of two children often had trouble getting her children out the door in the morning. Impatient tones and upset were often common. Everyone would arrive at their destination drained and worried about being late. Such stories are common for many parents and children.

This Mom thought of a technique that was fun and ended up with better moods for all.

Once everyone arrived at school before heading in the door, Mom would look at her children and say “Ok everyone, let’s shake the yukkies out”. She then started shaking and dancing – everyone joined in for a minute or two. It was then easier to smile, say a loving good-bye and get ready for the day.

Of course it is ideal to sort through ways to reduce tensions before leaving the house but that is often not possible with tired and rushed children and adults. It can help to acknowledge the hardships and “shake them out” before starting the day.