Quote from a young tween – “Great Job Mom You’re Trying to Make us a Family!”

Mae, a 10 year old, was the youngest in her family of four. Her parents had gradually incorporated more physical games into everyone’s daily routines when spring and summer were near. A ping pong table, outdoor bocci game, basketball hoop and some balls and frisbees were additions that had appeared over the last few months. Mom and Dad were also asking Mae and her sister to join them for walks on nice evenings.

They sometimes had to coax, cajole or insist to get their daughters involved but once things got underway initial resistance usually turned to fun. The simple act of moving and/or playing together often brightened moods, reduced unnecessary screen time and strengthened family relationships for everyone.

As children begin to experience the pressures of the tween and teen years family solidity is often the best way to make the complexities of adolescence more manageable for everyone.