Back To School

I interviewed parents and children over the Labor Day weekend and here is a summary of their thoughts about heading back to school


What’s good:

It’s great to have relaxed time together over the summer but you can start feeling the ;effects of no regular routine. The structure and organization that school provides will be good.

it will be great to get them out of my hair, ii’s hard to keep children happy and occupied.

It will be nice to have them around other children regularly.

What’s hard:

Transitions are hard!

It squeezes any time for relaxation.

Although the routine is good it’s a lot to juggle; getting everyone up and out the door in the morning, making sure all the homework is done correctly, fixing dinner, getting to bed on time, and coordinating the details of after school activities -it’s a lot to organize, especially if a child is sick or not “going along with the program”. It’s particularly challenging for single parents or if both parents are working.


What’s good:

Seeing my friends and making new ones!

Meeting new teachers and learning new things.

Getting to make my mommy pictures!

I’m bigger now, that will be nice.

School is fun.

What’s hard:

It’s really hard to get up so early in the morning! I want to sleep more.

I’m not going to know everyone in my new school. I’m going to high school and there is probably bullying, I’m scared.

The work will be harder this year. I’m nervous, I think everyone is nervous.