Managing Winter

This month I asked parents about how they manage to keep things going smoothly in the cold, dark months of winter. Here is what they said:

It’s tough!!

We travel places even if they are far from home. We all just came back from the Dyker Heights, Bounce U on the train. It’s hard to get to but it’s worth it, the kids love it!

We belong to the Armory on 8th Avenue, we spend a lot of time there when it’s cold.

We go to the park even in cold weather. We make it work and it’s a lot better than staying inside all d;ay.

We go to museums, some of them have children’s programs and those are great but we go to all kinds of museums. There are usually big spaces to explore and I see other parents visiting as well. My oldest grew up in museums.

We make the most of simple things. My daughter loves dogs, we go outside and meet dogs, there are lots of them happy to help out. This is embarrassing but she also loves to see the rats in the subway so we have had some fun times watching them too.

Bookstores have helped us a lot. The library is good too.

We make sure to see friends as much as possible.

We took the Staten Island Ferry one day, it was fun.

To be honest compared to last winter this one is easy!!!