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Teenagers Benefit from Time with Mom and Dad

Even though teens are busy they are more able to sort through the many challenges in their lives if mom and dad can regularly set aside chunks of relaxed, loving time with them.

Family Poker?

Parents who had weathered multiple relocations and school changes came to see me to talk about their 5th grade son, Michael. Mom initially contacted me quite worried because Michael had been having significant trouble in
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Saying no!

To be seen on “A Child Grows in Brooklyn” Saying no to a child isn’t always easy. Here are a few things to keep in mind that often help. (Fair warning just because these ideas
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Cell Phones and Parenting

Cell phones are a great resource for parents but they can also understandably distract moms and dads from offering consistent periods of uninterrupted communication, fun and loving contact to their children. As many families today
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