A Few Ideas to Help Co Parenting after Divorce Go Smoothly

Sorting through the many complexities of co parenting after a separation or divorce can be overwhelming and extraordinarily stressful. One of the many challenges can be managing the understandably raw emotions that come after such a major transition. Many couples I have worked with have found the following ideas helpful as they worked hard to prioritize their child’s well being.

1. Keep personal emotions, even justifiable ones, out of any communication about children. Stay focussed on relaying thoughts as clearly and succintly as possible.

2. When in-person phone or text communications are too challenging use e mail as much as possible. A designated parent e mail account can also reduce “overload”.

3. Review e mails before sending to remove any hot button issues that cloud points being made.

4. Whenever possible limit scheduling changes to avoid complicated conversations about the merit of requests being made.

5. Talk to and ask for support and guidance from other single parents.

Co parenting after divorce is rarely simple but I have known many couples who have sorted through viable solutions that have helped adults and children do well.