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Peer Pressure and Healthy Eating

Dear Sharon, I want my kids to be healthy and I am determined to beat the “peer and social pressure” of eating processed foods. Can you advise a parent like me how I can convince
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An Important Part of Parenting

It is important for parents to set aside time to listen to their children every day. Some children talk easily while others are quieter, keeping many of their thoughts to themselves. If a parent can
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Helping an Upset Child

A child’s meltdowns or outbursts can end more quickly if a calm, clear or comforting voice is the only adult response they receive. Angry reactions often increase the length and volume of the original upset.

Parenting – The Art of Trying

I believe parent child relationships are rarely simple. There is often no script to follow when handling difficult situations with a child. I think the most important thing a parent can do for their child
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Helping a Child with a Problem

Sometimes parents are quick to offer solutions to complicated problems. Parental suggestions can of course be useful but it can be good to combine sound advice with a few of the child’s suggestions as well.
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