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Competitive Games

When a little one is going through a period of low self esteem beating Mom or Dad in a fun competitive game can help build a child’s confidence.

Helping an Overwhelmed Parent

Gloria, a mother of two, came to see me because she had been cranky and “down” too many days in a row. What parent hasn’t gone through periods like this? As she was a writer
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Words Don’t Always Work for Children

Sometimes it is hard for children to express themselves in words. A grunt, sigh or exasperated gesture sometimes can communicate enough to move past the moment.

Screen Time and Junk Food

What do you recommend parents do to get their kids more physically active. My son is only 10 years old but he’s getting a gut and is glued to screens of one kind or another
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Some children need to “have a good cry” when they are upset. If a parent can let the cry “run its course”, reacting with care rather than interference, sometimes a child can feel and act
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