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Helping an Angry Tween

Laura was 11, her younger brother, Aaron, was 8. Her family was going through a challenging economic period and there was plenty of stress at home. Laura, like many oldest siblings, was particularly affected by
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Parents Sometimes Say Too Much

It can be helpful for parents to say their ideas in as few words as possible. A short, clear explanation is often easier for children of all ages to understand and remember.

Correcting Children

Children can only absorb a small number of suggestions and corrections each day. Things can go well if parents offer help with one thing at a time, waiting until that issue is resolved before offering
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Handling Pregnancy and a Three Year Old

As seen in Brooklyn Family Magazine and on NYParenting.comas Dear Sharon, I’m pregnant with my second child. Our little one is 3 years old and I am experiencing migraines and am unable to cope with
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