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A good laugh can cure lots of problems.

Handling Worrisome Statements from Children

A dad I was talking to, Ian, often walked Tia, the younger of his 2 daughters, to school and put her to bed at night. As he often worked long hours he was happy to
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Sharing Upsetting News with Children

When parents need to tell their children upsetting news, i.e. the cancellation of an exciting trip, the illness of a loved one, an important event in the news or an upcoming separation or divorce, it
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Correcting Children/Picking Your Battles – An Expanded Common Sense Tip

There are many things that need to happen every day to help home life run smoothly. Everyone in a family has places to go, tasks to do and/or contributions to make to keep things in
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Thinking Together about an Evaluation for a Young Child

as seen in Brooklyn Family Magazine and on Dear Sharon, My sister’s son is 5 and in kindergarten. He is not doing very well and has trouble concentrating and staying still. My sister is
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