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Meeting Other Moms

As seen in Brooklyn Family Magazine and on Dear Sharon, Do you have any suggestions for creating a network of other parent friends here in the city? This is our first child and I’m
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My Special Needs 13 Year Old Might Start Dating!

As seen in New York Special Child Magazine and on Dear Sharon, We have a adolescent daughter whose special needs have placed her in special ed schools since she was a youngster. She is
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Having Fun When Doing Homework

Homework can be hard work for everyone in the family. It can help make things easier to find a way to laugh with your child while doing it. Some parents I know play a quick
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I was talking to a 7 year old recently who was feeling exceptionally overwhelmed. Her school life, academically and socially, had been challenging and her older brother had been teasing her a lot. Even when
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Indoor and outdoor swimming are great ways for a family to get exercise, play hard, relieve stress and enjoy each other’s company.