Some Ideas to Help the Transition to School Go Well

The transition from summer to school can be challenging for parents and children. Here are a few things to keep in mind that can help:

1. Try to be especially organized the first few weeks, pack lunches at night, cook meals ahead of time, put clothes out the night before, get yourself “ready” as early as possible in the morning and anything else you can think of to get things off to a smooth start.

2. Try and lighten up your adult schedule so that you have time to be there to pay attention to your children’s excitement and worries.

3. Institute a regular way to relax and have fun together. Scheduling regular trips to the park or playground or arranging an ongoing Friday night family time are two examples of ideas that can help.

4. Don’t blame yourself if things are overwhelming. It can take a while to sort out the kinks in a new routine. You are not alone!