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Holiday Rituals

Holiday rituals can involve a lot of work but can provide opportunities for families to express their care and spend quality time together. Such occasions can be important to children and parents.

To Buy or Not to Buy – Holidays.

If you are a parent trying to figure out what presents to buy for your children during this busy holiday season, you are definitely not alone. Countless parents are trying to handle the pressure to
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Dear Sharon, My son is 6 years old. He is hitting his brother (10) and sister (8), and also is hitting some other kids in school. What suggestions do you have as to how to
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Oatmeal? Helping an Upset Child

A story about my daughter, Elizabeth, who had just recovered from a broken arm and several other medical interventions in the period right before this incident. One morning my four year old daughter got very
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“Time Out” for Parents

When parents are about to lose their tempers (often an ineffective way to talk to a child) it can help to find a way to take a “time out” by walking into another room or
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