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Should we Add a Baby to our “Blended” Family?

Dear Sharon, My husband has two children (4 & 6) and I have two children (5 & 7) from previous marriages. There have been hurdles in bringing our two families together. My children live with
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Helping a Recalcitrant Child

E. was the Mom of a just turned 5 year old daughter, G. They had a close relationship and spent many hours each day together. They especially enjoyed doing crafts projects even though G. would
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Planning Ahead

Many children repeat challenging behavior and parents understandably hope that these troublesome moments will somehow be better “tomorrow.” As children grow things do change but even so it can help if parents keep track of
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Can Long Trips Go Well?

Family travel with one or more children can be frustrating as boredom and confined spaces easily fray everyone’s nerves. Interactive games that parents and children play can sometimes help pass the time more easily.