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When Can “Time Outs” Work?

“Time outs” can work best when they offer a “cooling off” period for child and/or parent. If someone can get “their head on straight” from a break in the upheaval then usually things get better.

Toast for Dinner?

A Mom and Dad came to meet with me because their 2 year old son was hitting children and arguing with caregivers in his day care center. Both parents worked full time. Their child had
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Does Your Partner Arrive Home from Work Later than You Would Like?

Many Moms an Dads arrive home late from work. This can leave partners alone to handle dinner, homework, bed time, cranky young ones and and general housework. Parental patience can understandably “run thin” under these
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My Child Doesn’t Want to go to School!

Dear Sharon, My daughter is five and has been to a Pre school where we had no problem. Suddenly she doesn’t want to go to school. Our mornings are crazy. Kindergarten is great! Why doesn’t
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