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When Should Children Get a Cell Phone?

Our 8 year old daughter wants her own cell phone. What do we do? She says other kids have them. Help! Dear Parents, As the particulars of families vary widely I believe that there is
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Addicted to Computer Games?

My 9-year-old son is always playing computer games, we can’t control it. He seems to be addicted. What should we do? When we try to take them away from him he goes ballistic. It reminds
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Managing Homework, My Space and Facebook

Helping a child juggle their social life and the demands of school is an age-old problem for parents. The internet is making this dilemma even more complicated. I have known many “computer fool” parents who have figured it out but it has usually taken some time and effort. Here are some thoughts that might prove helpful. Continue reading

Instant Messaging

Dear Sharon, “Instant messaging” every night on our home computer has taken over our son’s so called “family time” and more importantly his homework time. Should we be actively limiting this activity? I can’t help
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Computer Games

Sharon, Our son is addicted to computer games. How can we curb some of this, and get him to perhaps read a book? Any suggestions? Dear Parent, This question arrived on MY computer just before
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