Having Fun When Doing Homework

Homework can be hard work for everyone in the family. It can help make things easier to find a way to laugh with your child while doing it. Some parents I know play a quick
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I was talking to a 7 year old recently who was feeling exceptionally overwhelmed. Her school life, academically and socially, had been challenging and her older brother had been teasing her a lot. Even when
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Indoor and outdoor swimming are great ways for a family to get exercise, play hard, relieve stress and enjoy each other’s company.

Family Poker?

Parents who had weathered multiple relocations and school changes came to see me to talk about their 5th grade son, Michael. Mom initially contacted me quite worried because Michael had been having significant trouble in
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Floor Time

Although “floor time” is a concept developed for parents of children with special needs the idea of “getting down” to your child’s eye level and following his or her lead in play is a useful
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The Importance of Physical Activity in Winter

It is important for families to set aside time for some outdoor physical activity every day – even in winter. If parents are away from home for long periods ensuring that a babysitter or after
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It’s Working

A parents of tweens group I lead had been discussing common concerns of middle school moms and dads; juggling the demands of school work and home life and handling the emotional ups and downs of
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Once a Week Family Night

A weekly family night is a scheduled opportunity for everyone at home to take a break from their individual routines. Regularly having time to play a group game, watch a movie or enjoy a night
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Quote from a young tween – “Great Job Mom You’re Trying to Make us a Family!”

Mae, a 10 year old, was the youngest in her family of four. Her parents had gradually incorporated more physical games into everyone’s daily routines when spring and summer were near. A ping pong table,
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A good laugh can cure lots of problems.